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Cancellation | Missed Appointment Policy

Dear Valued Clients,

While we have not previously needed a missed/cancelled appointment policy, an increase in late show, no-show and cancellation occurrences have made it necessary to create and enforce one.

Everyone’s time is valuable. We make every effort to value your time, and we set aside your appointment time just for you. When an appointment is missed, staff time is wasted, and another client that could have been seen at that time was not.


A minimum of a 24-hour notice makes it possible to give your

reserved time to another client.

You can notify us that you need to cancel or reschedule

in three ways:

1. Call us at 513-697-0307, you can leave a message if after hours.
2. Reply to the appointment reminder you received via text or email.
3. E-mail: or

If we do not receive a 24-hour notification from you a deposit will be
required for you to make another appointment.

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